10th FutureShock Champion
Zack 'Diamond' Gibson
(Since November 2013)
Defenses: 3
3rd Women's Champion
Danni Hunter
(Since December 2013)
Defenses: 1
7th FutureShock Tag Team Champions
Dave Rayne & The Nordic Warrior
(Since November 2013)
 Defenses: 2

FutureShock Championship History Title Wins / Defenses
10th FutureShock Champion:
Zack "Diamond" Gibson (2)

Title Reign: November 2013 - Present (3 Defenses)
   Title Win: defeated Cyanide (FutureShock 71)
   1st Defense: defeated Andy Wild (UnderGround 3)
   2nd Defense: defeated T-Bone (FutureShock 73)
   3rd Defense: defeated Cyanide (UnderGround 4)
9th FutureShock Champion:
"The Toxic Terror" Alex Cyanide

Title Reign: March 2013 - November 2013 (7 Defenses)
   Title Win: defeated Zack 'Diamond' Gibson after cashing
    in his FutureShock Trophy (FutureShock 65)
   1st Defense: defeated Zack 'Diamond' Gibson (UnderGround 1)
   2nd Defense: defeated Dave Mastiff (FutureShock 66)
   3rd Defense: defeated Dave Mastiff (FutureShock 67)
   4th Defense: defeated Josh Bodom (Charity Wrestling Show)
   5th Defense: defeated Doug Williams (UnderGround 2)
   6th Defense: defeated Joe Vega (FutureShock 69)
   7th Defense: defeated Gallagher, Richards & Gibson (FS 70)
8th FutureShock Champion:
Zack "Diamond" Gibson

Title Reign: March 2013 (0 Defenses)
   Title Win: defeated Xander Cooper, CJ Banks and Noam Dar
    in the Lotto Thunder Tournament (FutureShock 65)
7th FutureShock Champion:
"The American Wolf" Davey Richards
Title Reign: August 2012 - November 2012 (0 Defenses)
   Title Win: defeated Jack Gallagher (International Supershow)
   Title Vacated:  stripped of the Title (FutureShock 63)    
6th FutureShock Champion:
"The Grappler" Jack Gallagher
Title Reign: November 2011 - August 2012 (4 Defenses)
   Title Win: defeated Dave Rayne (FutureShock 55)
   1st Defense: defeated Dave Rayne (FutureShock 56)
   2nd Defense: defeated Zack 'Diamond' Gibson (BritWres Fest)
   3rd Defense: defeated Mikey Whiplash (FutureShock 58)
   4th Defense: defeated CJ Banks (FutureShock 60)
5th FutureShock Champion:
"The One And Only" Dave Rayne
Title Reign: February 2011 - November 2011 (7 Defenses)
   Title Win: defeated Raynaldo (FutureShock 49)
   1st Defense: defeated Joey Hayes (NBW Notorious)
   2nd Defense: draw vs. Val Kabious (NBW Menace II Society)
   3rd Defense: defeated Sam Bailey (FutureShock 51)
   4th Defense: defeated Johnny Phere (FutureShock 52)
   5th Defense: defeated Colt Cabana (FutureShock 53)
   6th Defense: defeated Dangerous Damon Leigh (FutureShock 54)
   7th Defense: defeated Josh Bodom (FutureShock 55)
4th FutureShock Champion:
"The Man Of The Match" Raynaldo
Title Reign: September 2010 - February 2011 (0 Defenses)
   Title Win: defeated Alex Shane (FutureShock 47)
3rd FutureShock Champion:
"The Ascension" Alex Shane
Title Reign: November 2009 - September 2010  (3 Defenses)
   Title Win: defeated Sam Bailey (FutureShock 40)
   1st Defense: defeated Danny Sensation (FutureShock 42)
   2nd Defense: disqualified vs. Raynaldo (FutureShock 44)
   3rd Defense: defeated Raynaldo (FutureShock 46)
2nd FutureShock Champion:
"Superstylin" Sam Bailey
Title Reign: May 2008 - November 2009  (7 Defenses)
   Title Win: defeated Dom Travis (FutureShock 24)
   1st Defense: defeated Jack Domino (FutureShock 27)
   2nd Defense: defeated The Nordic Warrior (FutureShock 29)
   3rd Defense: defeated Dave Rayne & Jack Domino (FutureShock 34)
   4th Defense: defeated Clinton Steele (FutureShock 37)
   5th Defense: disqualified vs. Chris Egan (FutureShock 38)
   6th Defense: defeated Chris Egan (FutureShock 39)
   7th Defense: defeated Dave Breaks (FutureShock 40)
1st FutureShock Champion:
"The Northern Uproar" Dom Travis
Title Reign: February 2007 - May 2008 (4 Defenses)
   Title Win: defeated Dangerous Damon Leigh in the Futureshock
   Trophy Tournament Final (FutureShock 11).  Dom was presented
   with the Futureshock Championship thereafter (at FutureShock 12)
   1st Defense: defeated Simon Valour (FutureShock 13)
   2nd Defense: defeated Dave Rayne (FutureShock 15)
   3rd Defense: defeated Matt Taylor (FutureShock 20)
   4th Defense: defeated Sam Bailey (FutureShock 24)

FutureShock Tag Team Championship History Title Wins / Defenses
7th FutureShock Tag Team Champions:
Dave Rayne & The Nordic Warrior
Title Reign: November 2013 - Present (2 Defenses)
   Title Win: defeated The Blackpool Blonds (FutureShock 71)
   1st Defense: defeated Wristlock Rovers & Evans & Noah (UG3)
   2nd Defense: defeated The Island Brothers (FutureShock 72)
6th FutureShock Tag Team Champions:
"The Blackpool Blonds" - Axl Rage & James Drake
Title Reign: November 2012 - November 2013 (3 Defenses)
   Title Win: defeated The Models, Wristlock Rovers & Notorious BAD
   in an Elimination Tag Team Match (FutureShock 63)
   1st Defense: defeated The Wristlock Rovers (FutureShock 64)
   2nd Defense: defeated Notorious BAD (UnderGround 1)
   3rd Defense: defeated BAD & Wristlock Rovers (FutureShock 69)
5th FutureShock Tag Team Champions:
"The Models" - Joey Hayes & Danny Hope
Title Reign: July 2010 - November 2012 (7 Defenses)
   Title Win: defeated Xander Cooper & Carl Clinch (FutureShock 46)
   1st Defense: defeated Xander Cooper & Carl Clinch (FS 47)
   2nd Defense: defeated Danny Evans & Jimmy O'Shea (FS 49)
   3rd Defense: defeated Xander Cooper & Carl Clinch (FS 53)
   4th Defense: defeated Xander Cooper & Carl Clinch (FS 55)
   5th Defense: defeated Sam Bailey - Handicap Match (FS 56)
   6th Defense: defeated DDL & Raynaldo (FutureShock 57)
   7th Defense: defeated Bailey & Daniels (International Supershow)
4th FutureShock Tag Team Champions:
"Vitamin C" - Xander Cooper & Carl Clinch
Title Reign: November 2009 - July 2010 (3 Defenses)
   Title Win: defeated DDL & Simon Valour, Joey Hayes & Danny Hope,
   Dom Travis & Clinton Steele in a Four Way Match (FutureShock 40)
   1st Defense: defeated Cyanide & Jack Toxic (FWA Unsigned)
   2nd Defense: defeated LJ Heron & Stixx (FutureShock 44)
   3rd Defense: defeated Axl Rage & JD Sassoon (FutureShock 45)
3rd FutureShock Tag Team Champions:
"The Pack" - Dom Travis & Clinton Steele
Title Reign: April 2009 - November 2009 (1 Defense)
   Title Win: defeated Dirk Feelgood & Sparx (FutureShock 33)
   1st Defense: defeated DDL & Simon Valour (FutureShock 35)
2nd FutureShock Tag Team Champions:
"The Doogooders" - Dirk Feelgood & Sparx
Title Reign: November 2008 - April 2009 (1 Defense)
   Title Win: defeated Cyanide & Jack Toxic (FutureShock 29)
   1st Defense: defeated Chris Egan & Lovely Hames (FutureShock 30)
1st FutureShock Tag Team Champions:
"Lethal Dose" - Cyanide & Jack Toxic
Title Reign: September 2008 - November 2008 (1 Defense)
   Title Win: defeated Dirk Feelgood & Sparx, Dude McLovin & Randy
   Shagmore, Simon Valour & Jiggy Walker in a Gauntlet Match (FS 27)
   1st Defense: disqualified vs. Dirk Feelgood & Sparx (FS 28)

FutureShock Women's Championship History Title Wins / Defenses
3rd FutureShock Women's Champion:
"The Huntress" - Danni Hunter
Title Reign: December 2013 - Present (1 Defense)
   Title Win: defeated Viper (UnderGround 3)
   1st Defense: disqualified vs. Lana Austin (FutureShock 74)
2nd FutureShock Women's Champion:
"The Lancashire Terrier" - April Davids
Title Reign: January 2012 - Present (5 Defenses)
   Title Win: defeated Becky James (FutureShock 56)
   1st Defense: defeated Jenny Sjödin (International Supershow)
   2nd Defense: defeated Nikki Storm (FutureShock 62)
   3rd Defense: defeated Nikki Storm (FutureShock 64)
   4th Defense: defeated Viper (UnderGround 1)
   5th Defense: defeated Viper (FutureShock 68)
   Title Vacated:  stripped of the Title (FutureShock 71)    
1st FutureShock Women's Champion:
"The Artiste" - Becky James
Title Reign: June 2011 - January 2012 (2 Defenses)
   Title Win: defeated Swedish Tigress, Hannah Blossom, Holly Blossom,
   Charlie Quinn and Melanie Price in a Gauntlet Match (FutureShock 51)
   1st Defense: defeated Charlie Quinn (FutureShock 52)
   2nd Defense: defeated April Davids (FutureShock 53)