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Stockport & Prestwich 2020

Saturday 15th February – Prestwich
Sunday 22nd March – Stockport
Saturday 25th April  – Prestwich
Sunday 31st May – Stockport
Saturday 20th June –  Prestwich
Sunday 19th July – Stockport
Saturday 15th August – Prestwich
Sunday 20th September – Stockport
Saturday 17th October – Prestwich
Sunday 15th November – Stockport

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Stockport 2020

Sunday 22nd March
Sunday 31st May
Sunday 19th July
Sunday 20th September
Sunday 15th November

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Prestwich 2020

Saturday 15th February
Saturday 25th April
Saturday 20th June
Saturday 15th August
Saturday 17th October

Stockport & Prestwich – HUGE 25% OFF

Stockport – 20% Discount

Prestwich – 20% Discount


How does my Season Ticket Work?

Season Tickets mean you are permanently on the guest list, just give your name on the door and enjoy FutureShock no fuss.

We reserve the right ask you to provide identification, but if we don’t know you already you’ll be part of the family soon!


Can I Order Multiple Season Tickets in the Same Order?

Yes you can, just select the type of Season Ticket you would like multiple of and click add to cart. Once in the cart just click ‘+’ to adjust the quantity of Season Tickets you require.

If you want different types of Season Ticket on the same order just go back to the FutureShock shop tab and add the other type(s) of ticket you require, multiples of any ticket in your basket can be added by clicking ‘+’ to adjust the quantity of each type of Season Tickets you require.


Can we be Sat Together?

Season Tickets ordered separately can be sat together by making the request in the ‘Add special Instructions’ via Facebook or email us via our contact page.

All Season Tickets ordered together will be sat together.


Does my Season Ticket have Reserved Seating?

Front Row Season Tickets come with reserved seating, your name will be on your seat each show.

General Admission Season Tickets mean you can choose your own seat on the night, for the Bohemian FutureShock follower.


How do I get my Free Month of FutureShock on Demand or Free DVD?

To start your year of with a bang we will email to you a code for your free month at the start of 2020, if you prefer a DVD please state in the special instructions or let us know via Facebook or email us via our contact page and this can be collected from our merchandise stand.